A group of seven people with a shared passion for the dignity and well-being of animal life, in all environments, decided to act on their behalf with the aim of promoting a culture and conditions in harmony with the interests of all related stakeholders and aspects. Alliance of Animals and People (AAP) was founded with the following broad objectives:

  • To identify innovative & practical ways to integrate lives of animals & people beyond the conventional approaches of animal welfare.
  • To develop a broader perspective for peoples participation with a holistic approach involving children, youth & adults from all walks of life.
  • To make our society responsible for promoting a humanitarian approach towards animals.
  • To develop & enforce existing and relevant policies and schemes for securing justice for animals within a harmonious community environment read more


An inclusive world of animal, human and environmental inter-relationships based on the co-dependent nature of each on the other.


To sensitise people to the dignity, nature and place of animal life and our common surroundings thus to exert an appropriate approach and treatment to them as our allies, while at the same time removing associated risks to enable the natural co-existence of human and animal life in a mutually beneficial environment.

  • Awareness Drive for Community
  • Mobilisation
  • Children & Youth
  • People & Animal Relations
  • Government Interface
  • Partnership with Veterinarians & Animal Care Agencies
  • Resource Mobilisation
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