Ancillary Objectives

 Awareness Drive for Community Mobilisation

  • Creating awareness / public participation on rights / protection of animals against abuse.
  • Mobilising volunteers for campaigning and creating awareness for animal care and rights.
  • Educating adults to be more responsible towards animals.
  • Advocating animals as companions to humankind.
  • Providing efficient access to animal lovers to animal care centres.
  Children & Youth

  • Sensitizing children / youth on compassion for animals through workshops / films / visits to animal shelters / programmes for involvement in protection / care of animals in their locales.
  • Involvement of children from both middle class and slums to build bonds with animals.
  • Pet therapy for children with development / emotional / behavioral disorders by working with special institutions using pet therapy by training / moulding animals to befriend and help.
  • Training dogs to protect and offer companionship to children.

 People & Animal Relations

  • Promoting adoption of local stray dogs by residential / market complexes, &security guards in partnership with Resident Associations, to provide company & assistance against theft.
  • Motivate people to care for community dogs / cats and sponsor meals / medical / other needs.
  • Promote Day Care Centres for pets of working people.
  • Training dogs to protect and offer companionship to challenged and senior citizens.

Government Interface

  • Analysis and recommendations of animal welfare policies.
  • Work with concerned ministry for necessary changes to improve quality of services / hospitals.
  • Involve Animal Welfare Board (AWBI), Municipal Corporation, SPCA & other ancillary bodies to reactivate and strengthen their programmes with a human approach.
  • Advocacy for animal rights.
  • Ensure enforcement of laws for protection of animals from cruelty and all forms of abuse.
  • Population control of stray dogs and cats through mass sterilisation programmes preferably by setting up localized camps in partnership with the GOI / RWA / animal welfare organisations.
  • Anti-rabies vaccinations for all street animals through mass vaccination drive.

Partnership with Veterinarians & Animal Care Agencies

  • Temporary Shelters for stray / sick / aged dogs / cats / cows and other animals.
  • Emergency First Aid and animal care programmes. 
  • Human rabies prevention through elimination of rabies in animals .
  • Preventive and curative health care for stray animals especially street dogs / cats / cows.
  • Population management of stray dogs and cats.
  • Free Sterilisation of dogs and cats by Veterinary Clinics by motivating and sensitising Vets.
  • Medical assistance to animals through Mobile Clinics.
  • Networking with other organizations / individual groups for animal welfare / rights.

Resource Mobilisation

  • Mobilize financial and non-financial resources from the public, institutions and government for welfare of animals, creating awareness about their rights, and related information.
  • Individual membership drives with monthly targets through personal email / mailers etc.
  • Identify foundations / corporates with a policy to support NGOs for animal welfare / rights.

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