First Aid Workshop

AAP promotes the concept of neighbourhood community care of stray animals taking into consideration the interest and harmonious co-existence of animals and people together. It aims to change attitudes of people towards animals by making them aware of the mutual benefits, each to the other, in an environment of risk-free conditions for both.

A horrifying number of stray animals die due to lack of medical attention. The lives of many can be saved if they get help before their problems become serious. The First Aid Workshop imparts knowledge to dog lovers about prevention methods, identification of symptoms and administration of basic treatment thereof. Interactive in nature, these workshops are conducted by vets and NGOs across all of AAPs programmes.

The programme objectives are to:

  • Provide first aid care to local stray animals by commercial and residential community members.

  • Promote eradication of Rabies, a prime concern, not only in the interest of animals but also towards reducing associated risk and nuisance factors for people.

Wounds and injuries are surprisingly simple to treat with the right knowledge. AAP requires your support to implement the project to help street dogs live a healthy life.

Programme Details

Some of the most common problems that street animals suffer from are skin infections - especially mange, scabies and fungal infections, maggot wounds and injuries due to road accidents. These can be treated easily onsite (unless very severe when the dog needs to be taken to a vet or a shelter).

The workshops are designed as pilots to train trainers who in turn will train many more.

  • AAP would hire a team of trainers to conduct the workshops.

  • Low cost First-Aid boxes would be created by these groups for use in their neighbourhoods.

Workshop Topics

  • Understanding basic body language of a dog for safe handling.

  • How to examine a dog - checking of temperature, hydration, anaemia.

  • Identification of diseases - recognition of basic symptoms

  • Handling Emergencies - poisoning, burns, bleeding, acute vomiting and diarrhoea.

  • Basic first Aid: Treatment of wounds, skin disease, eye and ear infections, road accidents.

  • Rabies prevention and treatment, sterilisation and adoption / care of stray animals.


Estimated cost per workshop is Rs. 1500/-

Other Support Areas

  • Identification of local Vets for discounted medical services.

  • Provision of promotional material eg. Posters on First Aid for Animals.

  • Helpline services

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