Living Together

AAP promotes the concept of neighbourhood community adoption of stray animals taking into consideration the interest and harmonious co-existence of animals and people together. It aims to change attitudes of people towards animals by making them aware of the mutual benefits, each to the other, in an environment of risk-free conditions for both. The programme objectives are to:

  • Promote adoption of local stray animals by commercial and residential communities, by sponsoring costs of food, health needs and formalising their existing spaces and litter areas.
  • Eradication of Rabies as a prime concern, not only in the interest of animals but also towards reducing associated risk and nuisance factors for people.
  • Coupled with the Rabies menace is the issue of Population Control of animals. The aim is to establish sterilization of street animals as an ongoing and sustainable activity. 
  • Promote the concept of a community kitchen giving volunteers the responsibility of food distribution and provision of water for birds / dogs / other animals. 
  • Encourage canine support for security guards, in partnership with Resident and Market Associations, to provide company & assistance in prevention of theft in their surroundings.
  • Senior citizens living alone are especially vulnerable to burglary, accidents, health issues and loneliness. Dogs can be adopted / trained to alert community members in such incidences.
  • Recommends animal support representation on the Neighbourhood Association Committee. 

The programme is launched with a camp to engage the interest and cooperation of residents. Later camps include awareness, rabies vaccinations and healthcare issues. Beginning with animal birth control (ABC) and anti-Rabies vaccinations, the first step is to collate a database of the local dog population. Resident doglovers are identified as key programme leaders and a Programme Coordinator and Volunteer team trained to manage the operation. Other support areas include:

  • Identification of local Vets for discounted medical services.
  • Provision of promotional material eg. Posters on Animal Protection Laws.
  • First Aid training workshops.
  • Helpline services.

AAP requires the involvement of RWAs, Market Associations & Community Animal Lovers to lead the 'Living Together' project in their neighbourhoods. Their contributions are the key to the success of the programme in terms of volunteering, fund raising and organising meetings, camps and other necessary activities.

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