Most children, the world over, have a strong affinity with animals, especially dogs and cats. Animals are an intrinsic part of the lives of slum children and are naturally adopted by them. Unfortunately, the largest number of dog bites and rabies cases (especially of children) are reported from slums. While the issue needs serious attention, these affected areas are seldom visited by the MCD for delivering rabies vaccination and animal birth control programmes.  

"Sahchar" leverages the natural attraction between people and animals to improve the lives of both groups. With a special focus on children, AAP partners with NGOs working for children in need with the following objectives:

  • Awareness on dog bites, bonding with animals, rabies prevention and treatment.
  • Survey for data collection of animal population, cases of dog / monkey bites and rabies.
  • Community mobilization to pressure MCD for anti-rabies vaccination and sterilization drive.
  • Programme with community for collective adoption for caring of animals.
  • Programme with children and youth for their involvement in animal care. 

Programme Description

There are large numbers of stray dogs / cats / monkeys living with the community. Apart from the streets, parks and food stalls their presence at garbage points is a major cause of concern. In search of food they dig up the area causing the garbage to spill over on the street. This pressure of finding food is responsible for behavioural changes in these dogs raising the risk of dog-biting in the area. Many dogs are also prone to several communicable diseases which are a major concern for the people. The place lacks veterinary services either from private or government sources. Despite cases of dog bites and rabies MCD has never visited the area to relieve the community of this menace.    

  • Survey and data collection of animal population, cases of dog / monkey bites, cases of rabies and any action taken. Completion within one month i.e. by January end / February first week. Survey details will be documented.
  • Meetings with the community to share AAP s intervention programme, awareness on rabies prevention and treatment, and to build a rapport with them for their involvement in the programme. Details of the three or four meetings will be documented.
  • Meetings with youth and children above 14 years of age for their involvement, and for strengthening their relationships with animals. Reports of the three or four meetings will be documented.
  • Meeting with MCD official / local MP / counselor to introduce AAP and share its plans.
  • Community mobilization for creating pressure on MCD through meetings and rallies, for their intervention on CNVR (Catch, Neuter, Vaccinate, Release) programmes for all animals.
  • Project for youth and children involving poster making, formation of groups to address issue of prevention of cruelty to animals and animal care etc.
  • Completion of 80/90 % anti-Rabies Vaccinations to dogs, 40/50% of Animal Birth Control (ABC) programme.
  • Involving owners of  shops, dhabas, eateries etc. and eliciting their support for caring of animals (food and medical care).

Grant Sanctioned by Dog Trust International -  8,535 Pounds


Indian Money received in our Bank  - Bank of Maharashtra, South Extension Branch, New Delhi


Rs. 4,21,165 on  22/04/2015


Rs. 3,93,360 on  05/10/2015

AAP requires financial aid to continue and expand the 'Sahchar' project, and to replicate the module in other slums of Delhi, NCR and Kolkata. The programme focuses on awareness about rabies prevention and treatment; and community mobilisation to pressure MCD to implement ongoing anti-rabies and animal birth control drives.

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