You can assist in our work in a number of ways - with our activities, by contributing your knowledge, skills and contacts, and through raising funds for our programmes. You can choose to help with our office work, opt to work from your home or get involved in field activities.

Here are some of AAP's most imminent needs:

  • Scanning of national and global news / information on the subject of animals for our website newsroom (under construction).

  • Raising funds / Ambassadorship including leads for corporate support.

  • Leads for school contacts for awareness programmes in schools.

  • Help with workshops.

  • Help with Hindi translations for slum communities.

  • Database of Kennel & other pet registration Clubs / Pet Owners / Vets / Pet Shops.

We are also in need of the following:

  • Office premises

  • Basic office furniture

  • Computer / Printer / Photo Copier

Apart from this, we invite you to send in your thoughts and suggestions, at any time, on AAP's work, and towards the furtherance of a better place for animals within a harmonious community environment.

Finally, we would deeply appreciate your spreading the word about AAP to other animal lovers known to you.

Do please indicate your preferred manner of assistance in the attached form and send it to us. 

Thank you.

AAP is innately dependant on people like you to fulfill its purpose of justice for animals.
We invite you in to help us take the next steps in AAP's  journey.

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