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AAP Review - 2009 / 10
LAUNCH PROGRAMMES - November to December 2009

1. Community Adoption & Care of Stray Animals

In November, Alaknanda, in the south of New Delhi, was selected as AAPs first location for this programme. It is compact, with 8 clusters of residential and commercial complexes, and inhabitants already fairly sensitised and involved in animal care activities. The programme was launched at Gangotri, Narmada, Niligiri, Godavari and the Market complex. With a view to engage the interest, involvement and cooperation of residents, a Camp Model would be used for launching AAP s programme. Thereafter camps would be held on a regular basis for purposes of spreading awareness, for rabies vaccination and for other animal health and care issues. A donation box will be kept handy for community contributions.

Programme Details

  • Prior to initiating the ABC and CNVR programme it is necessary to collect baseline data on dog / cat / monkey population in terms of gender, approx age, CNVR done or not. AAP initiated this survey in the first week of November 2009 and will complete the data collection process on December 15th, 2009.
  • During the survey, resident dog lovers at Nilgiri and Godavari Apartments were identified with the help of guards as key community leaders for AAPs programmes. They are already looking after a number of stray dogs and will help with fund raising, organising meetings with Presidents of RWAs and other activities.
  • The next step is to identify 10 dogs at a time, preferably females, as candidates for the ABC / CNVR programme. The operation will be conducted in Shamrakshans centre at Gazipur and / or a veterinary MCD centre at Madanpur Khadar near Sarita Vihar. The Programme Coordinator and a team of Volunteers will be trained to manage the packs of dogs at Alaknanda while awaiting the arrival of Shamrakshans van. 

2. Programme with Slum Community / Children

In December, Bal Vikas Dhara, a registered Society in New Delhi, was selected as AAPs partner. Starting with a pilot project for 6 months in a cluster of 4 Blocks in Sector 7, JJ Colony, Dwarka, the programmes focus was on awareness on rabies prevention and treatment, data collection of animal population, cases of dog / monkey bites and rabies, and community mobilisation to build pressure on MCD for an anti-rabies drive and animal population control.

Bal Vikas Dhara (BVD), founded in 1993, works for children, women and community development in the areas of awareness generation, non formal education, and vocational skill building for adolescent girls, self help groups, Mahila panchayat, creation of community assets, economic empowerment, training and capacity building of parents of working children and gender sensitization. BVD is supported by Delhi Commission for Women, ACTIONAID and the community as well. The Director, Dr. Bharat Singh is an Ayurvedic medical practitioner and honorary physician for the inmates of Tihar jail, Delhi. In 1991 he started working as physician for rescued child labourers in Mukti Ashram, Delhi. Coming in contact with Bachpan Bachao Andolan was the turning point in Dr. Singhs life inspiring the conceptualisation of BVD.

Programme Description

  • Survey, data collection, and monitoring of numbers of dogs / monkeys / cats etc. and cases of dog bites with the involvement of children above 14 years of age.
  • Motivating the community to pressurise MCD for CNVR programmes for all animals.
  • The total cost for 6 month pilot project is estimated at Rs. 78,500/-, including costs of survey, salaries of two personnel, awareness camps / workshops, and conveyance. 

3. Programme with Children & Youth

Madhu Roy, a Design Consultant and keen animal lover, will help introduce AAPs programme to three progressive schools in Gurgaon. 

4. The organisations name and logo was developed

 PROGRAMME & ACTIVITY UPDATE - January to March 2010

1. Community Adoption & Care of Stray Animals -  "Living with Animals".

At Alaknanda Complex, New Delhi, the survey of dogs completed uncovering a total population 192 dogs. A detailed Programme Proposal and Budget was prepared. An active animal lover arranged a meeting with the RWA President of her complex who welcomed the initiative and is organising AAPs presentation with Executive Members shortly. Other developments included an interest from Vasant Kunj and Safdarjang Enclave who are interested in launching the programme in their localities. A poster was created inviting community members to support AAPs initiative of community adoption. Initiated talks with Canine Elite for adoption and care programme and for providing joint support for organizing Slum Community awareness programmes and free rabies vaccination for animals.

2. Programme with Slum Community / Children -  "Sahchar" (with Bal Vikas Dhara).

Programme details and agreement were signed with Bal Vikas Dhara (BVD) and the first installment of Rs. 40,000/- was disbursed. (Total cost of 6-month pilot - Rs. 79500/-). A Programme Coordinator and a Youth / Community mobiliser were appointed and survey of dogs completed for 4 blocks and at nearby eateries at market places. A staff orientation was conducted and meetings held with the community, youth, area sweepers, staff and doctors of areas government husbandry hospital and neighbouring private animal clinics. 

3. Programme with Children & Youth - "Animals Matter".

A meeting was held with the Principal of Shikshantar School, Gurgaon. She was ready to   launch the programme and would discuss the proposal with the board. 

4. Support Extended by AAP.

To "Roar for Animals" in terms of solidarity and information related to animal-care. Relevant information was also provided to Vasant Kunj Animal lovers about neighbouring NGOs when an MCD Van was picking up the area dogs. 

5. Fundraising

AAPs Family Membership programme was developed and launched to raise funds for its programmes. 

6. Design & Communications.

Website content was prepared and website construction initiated. AAP Brochure, stationary & name-cards were printed and a 2-page information sheet created. A logo tagline "Naturally Together" was created and logo finalised. A T-shirt was designed for AAP members. 

7. Administration

AAP filed its applications for 80G and 12A registrations with Income Tax Dept.

5. Programme Update - April to June 2010

1. Community Adoption & Care of Stray Animals - "Living with Animals".

A meeting was held with Godavari Apartments RWA President who would present AAP and its proposal to the Alaknanda complex residents. A meeting was also held with RWA Members of Safdarjang Development Area who were happy to take the programme forward. AAP conducted the dog survey of the locality and details forwarded to the RWA, who suggested that during their forthcoming Health Camp AAP could make a presentation to the larger community and share information about First Aid for animals etc. 

2. Meeting with Chair, AWBI (Animal Welfare Board of India)

Dr. Kharb, Chair AWBI, was most appreciative of AAPs aims and objectives, and offered guidance, support, critical information and some useful leads for AAPs programmes. He invited AAP Board members to join the panel of AWBIs Animal Welfare Officers.

3. Visit to "Help In Suffering" (HiS) - Jaipur

Bondona Dutta visited "Help In Suffering" (HiS), Jaipur, to learn about their ABC programme. HiS provided free training and accommodation and ravel fuel cost was shared with a Volunteer who has worked with NGO, Samrakshan in Delhi, known for their ABC programme standards. 

4. Programme with Slum Community / Children, Dwarka - "Sahchar"  (with Bal Vikas Dhara).

BVD held regular community meetings to address dog related matters by spreading awareness on basic issues like dog biting, where to go for vaccinations, do and do nots of dog care etc. A meeting with children was followed by a painting competition - Kutta mera Sathi / Does not in which 60 children participated with great enthusiasm resulting in several good creative expressions. Food vendors of the area were met and their cooperation gained for feeding the dogs. The Medical Superintendent of the neighbouring hospital was met to address the practice of re-use of syringes for administration of anti-rabies vaccinations. The Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre informed that all government hospitals have free anti-rabies vaccinations and OPDs for dogs, and that there is a related MCD office in Najafgarh.

Report from BVD ON Rabies Awareness Camp - February 14, 2010

Participants included Bal Vikas Dharas General Secretary Dr. Bharat Singh, activist Ram   Kumar   Verma, Nisha Verma, and Mahesh; AAP Board Members Ms Vandana Dutta and Mr. Sanjay Kher; Ms. Mridu Minocha  (AAP volunteer), Vet Dr. Prem, the key person for the event, and his assistant Mangal from Sonadi; Dr. Vijay Kumar Yadav  - Sonadi Board Member, Vet Dr.  Inder; Animal activists Mr. SriNath from Sonadi, Mr. Sandeep Gupta, Satbeer Singh and some social activists.  There were around 80 community participants.  Dr. Prem conducted the programme and also performed rabies vaccinations for 15 area dogs.

The main points discussed in the campaign were:

  • What is Rabies?
  • How does it spread?
  • Why it happens?
  • Precautions
  • Importance of Vaccination
  • Accessibility / Availability of anti-Rabies Vaccinations

The campaign was most interactive and the experts clarified all queries.  Ms. Vandana Dutta declared the winners of the Painting Competition held on Jan 29, 2010 and consolation prizes were given to the runners-up.

                                                                                                                                          Later, a youth meeting was held with 25 participants to discuss Rabies and related aspects.  Ms. Mridu shared information about animal laws. Some youth also shared conventional and superstitious methods of curing Rabies. In the end all were in favor of immediate treatment for Dog bites. The vets briefed the youths over the same. People later pledged their social responsibility and decided to spread this information to others. Many promised that they would be more vigilant about this issue and would call upon the MCD or Sonadi for sterilization and vaccination of   dogs.   They   are   also   planning   a   rally   to   create awareness   about   rabies   and   animal   protection   laws through   ?Nukkad    Natak? during    April    in    Dwarka including surrounding middle class colonies

6. Administration

  • Application for IT registration under section 12A and Section 80G under process.
  • Application for registration with Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) under process. 

7. Programme with Schools - "Animals Matter"

On the occasion of the School Closing Ceremony, The Shriram School at Aravali, Gurgaon, offered AAP a platform to promote its cause to the students, to engage them in a participatory manner for the same, and to inform them of the basics of animal care and protection. It was a morning event from 8.30 am to 1.00 pm on 30th March, during the course of a year-ending PTM, wherein other stalls included educational books and environmental products.

Left ? Youth Volunteer, Diya Kapur; Right ? AAP Founder & Managing Trustee, Bondona Dutta; Others ? Students 

A special note of thanks to our youth volunteer, Diya Kapur, who designed and processed the posters, photographed the event, and volunteered full-time for the occasion 

Note: A meeting with the Principal for an ongoing extra-curricular programme for the school pupils was met with positive interest. A further meeting on the subject is scheduled for mid April 

Features of School Event

1. Pledge for Animals

Interested children had an opportunity to write down how they would like to help the cause of animals. Some offered to volunteer and become members at AAP. The 36 children who made a pledge were given a paper badge to remind them of their commitment. In general the pledges made were against hurting or killing animals, for the love and care for them, to help them when hurt or ill, and for provision of food, water and shelter. Mention was made of dogs, cows, cats and squirrels. (See attachment for pledge sheet and pledges).

2. Clay Modeling Workshop

Children enjoyed learning to mould animals out of clay under the guidance of Ms. Preeti of ARANYA.

3. Teachers and Parents Interest.

18 interested parents and teachers welcomed the initiative and wrote down their contact details in a register. Some wished to volunteer or become members at AAP. A few remarks of particular interest:

  • Hope the school includes this agenda in its extra-curricular activities. (Pupils voiced the same hope).
  • The AAP model was a welcome change in that it promoted harmonious inclusivity.
  • This is the best thing the school has done.

8. Design & Communications

AAP opened a Facebook account. Office stationery and information leaflets were printed. Posters and Presentation readied for Resident Community Adoption presentation and Proposals readied for RWAs, School programme and institutional funding.

A Token of your Membership

Your AAP T-shirt is ready!

Do wear it generously as an AAP advocate


1. "Sahchar" - Slum Programme with BVD

Bal Vikas Dhara conducted regular weekly staff meetings in order to bring fluency to the drive and to discuss activities, problems and future course of actions to ensure success of particular tasks. Community Meetings were held to sensitize people followed by door-to-door awareness on the issue of common and organised areas and system for feeding stray dogs. This resulted in enthusiastic community participation through which ten feeding areas were suggested and members also arranged for the utensils etc. Dogs are now fed regularly and have stopped their scavenging activities. Through Youth Group Meetings, as against previous ignorance of the need for sterilization and vaccination of street dogs, BVDs awareness drive on the issue resulted in the Youth being of immense help in the process of vaccination and sterilization of neighbourhood dogs. In Childrens Group Meetings, children discussed their daily activities, interests and hobbies. When asked about dogs, they unanimously declared their love of puppies. In some cases their parents prevented them from playing with them; a few expressed their fear of dogs. Six children shared their experiences of dog bites and were treated immediately at hospitals. 

2. Citizens for Animal Rights - April 24th

A Citizens Protest Rally was held at Jantar Mantar - a huge success with more than 300 participants, including many distinguished figures, politicians, performers, musical bands, editors of leading newspapers, etc. Many news channels and others including IBN provided extensive coverage to the rally. Dr. Bharat of BVD, along with his youth team members was present.

AAP supported programme "SAHCHAR" banner in the picture (left), and Bondona Dutta - AAP Founder Managing Trustee - 4th from left (right)


3. Demonstration over killing of dogs at Delhi Jal Board - April 26

Delhi Jal Board (DJB) had killed some dogs brutally in one of their premises in the Capital. AAP and Bal Vikas Dhara strongly condemned this act, joined the demonstration against it and played a significant role in pressurizing the police to tighten the investigation on the culprits. 

4. Meeting with RWA Members, Alaknanda - May 2nd (Highlights)

The meeting was convened to discuss modalities for implementing the Community Adoption programme at Alaknanda.  RWA posters, RWA Presentation and other literature were distributed. It was decided that the programme at Nilgiri Apartments would be developed as a replicable model. Case Studies of good existing models of community dog care will aid this exercise.

  • Additional volunteers would be recruited and provided with AAP T-shirts and membership cards. First-aid kits for dogs will be prepared, and pamphlets on Animal Protection Laws pasted on Notice Boards and distributed to residents. Donations will be sought and Helplines set up for complaints against animal discrimination and for good dog shelters.
  • A campaign promoting the nomenclature of "Indian dogs" instead of "street" dogs will be initiated. Articles championing the cause of Indian dogs and their adoption will be published. Political persons e.g. Maneka Gandhi, Ambika Shukla would lend weight to the programme
  • Community member, Karunesh, took the help of AAP Associate, Mangal, to sterilise of two bitches. Mangal helped another member, Rupanjali, to have 11 dogs in Nilgiri and Gangotri complex vaccinated. She also connected two animal lovers at Narmada Apt with AAP. 

5. Meeting with Ms. Maneka Gandhi - June 15th (Highlights)

Ms. Gandhi had sought the meeting to discuss collaboration possibilities with her NGO - People for Animals (PFA). Since several areas were of common interest e.g. - working in slums, promotion of Animal Protection Laws and sensitisation programmes for children, she offered some valuable programmatic and fundraising ideas and contacts to help AAPs efforts. 

6. Fundraising Initiative

A Tele-marketing Company, Syrex, successfully raising funds exclusively for non-profit organisations, has agreed to generate funds for AAP. A preliminary meeting has been held and the operation is slated to begin within this month. 

7. Registrations with Government Agencies

AAP was registered under Section 12A of the Income Tax Act and AAPs application for AWBI Registration was submitted. 

8. AAP Board

It was decided to appoint new Trustees on the Board from useful professional fields for AAP. Chartered Accountant: Sanjay Khanna, Partner, Ghosh Khanna & Co. joined the Board in July. 

9. Cause Promotion

A poster was designed to promote the Animal Protection Laws in English and Hindi medium.  The operation of pasting them at strategic public venues has been initiated.


Everything that AAP has done was made
possible because of the contributions of AAP's
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